Who is a Facilitator?

An Ecomuseum Facilitator is basically a motivator, a leader, a keeper, a story teller: they cultivate relationships, carry local knowledge, convey emotions, bring up values, make meanings more evident, raise awareness, guide the curiosity of a territory and its community. They make their cultural baggage, experience, and creativity available for everyone by sharing stories, creating paths, organising laboratories and events to value and promote heritage and public good.
An Ecomuseum Facilitator operates ceaslessly in a specific territory, which sets itself apart for its heritage and identity, as well as for its population. This wide scoped project involves the community and it is meant to develop over time.
Ecomuseum Facilitators are directly in touch with their community, their territory, and networking groups:
- mixed groups (motivation, interest, experience)
- topic-focused groups (sea-related: tourist operators, restaurant owners, fishermen; inland-related: farmers, horticulturalists; target-related: children/primary schools, tourists)
- comparison groups (with other Ecomuseums, with institutions)