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The Piadina in Cervia
The Piadina in Cervia
The soil, its products and their production process are something men pass on from generation to generation. This knowledge is the core of a territory’s culture. In Romagna fertile wheat fields produce flour, wells give water to knead it, salterns give salt to flavour it, and how masterfully the “azdora” adds lard to the compound makes it tasty.
What are we talking about? It is the Piadina. Every family treasures their recipe and the secret ingredients to make it unique. Piadina is perfect for every occasion: meals, snacks… it has housewives gather around the “testo” (typical pan used in Romagna) so that they can learn how to make it and keep the tradition alive. Piadina is so good it has become famous over time also among tourists. Thus, it goes out of the houses and arrives in the streets to be eaten and appreciated in its taste and simplicity by everyone who spent some time in Cervia.
Nowadays Piadina is known out of the borders of this Region, and also abroad as the ultimate ambassador for food culture of Romagna, simple and straightforward but wise and unexpected.

Piadina Group: Cristina Merloni, Giorgia Spinelli, Manuela Guarnieri

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