Open Exhibition

Open Exhibition "I'll tell you a story...about my Passions"

I'll tell you a story ...about my Passions

From 5th to 13th May you can admire the new exhibition "I'll tell you a story"
This exhibition is dedicated to our passions and to all that we like to do in our free time: travelling, dancing, walking in Cervia and the magnificient pinewood.
Come and discover Ecomuseum's objects and sories!

Opening 10th May 6,00 pm
5th and 6th May from 10,30 to 12,30 and from 4,00 to 7,30 pm
from 7th to 10th May  from 4,00 to 7,30 pm
from 11th to 13th May from 10,30 am to 11,00 pm