SottoSale -help us to open the access door to the Salt Pan

SottoSale -help us to open the access door to the Salt Pan

"SottoSale - regenerate the access door to the Salt Pan!" The Ecomuseum's crowdfunding project begins.

The Ecomuseum of Salt and Sea in Cervia is undertaking an online fundraising campaign with the support of Idea Ginger to regenerate the underpass of Via Bova in order to transform it into SottoSale, an beautiful access door to the Salt Pan. The salt pans are a protected natural area, with a history intrinsically linked to that of the town of Cervia: the birth of the city is in fact due to the collection of the well-known "white gold".

This link was interrupted by the Adriatica State Road 16, which cut the connection between Cervia and the Salt Pan in a clear and physical way. The presence of the Road makes it difficult to reach this place very well known thanks to the unique flora and fauna.

There is an alternative to access it, the cycle-pedestrian underpass of Via Bova, which however is currently unknown and in a state of neglect. The Municipal Administration has already taken the commitment to create a cycle path that will connect the center of Cervia with the Salt Pan, passing through the underpass, further enhancing the lighting in order to make it safer even at night.

From here comes the idea of the Ecomuseum of Cervia to turn it into SottoSale: donations collected during the online campaign will be used to hire street artists who will redevelop the tunnel, making it a real gallery of urban art decorated with murals.

The fundraising campaign to finance the project is now online on the platform with a target of 3,000 € to be used to enhance the underpass. The initiative was born at the end of a co-planning path in which the Ecomuseum facilitators thought about the name of the campaign and the rewards for fundraising supporters: the project idea started with the input of the citizens.

To participate in the crowdfunding campaign, simply connect to the site, select the SottoSale project - regenerate the access door to the Salt Pan! and complete the transaction by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. In return for each contribution for supporters are provided rewards, including a naturalistic visit to the Saline of Cervia, a Heritage Walk to discover Cervia and a romantic dinner for two people.