The Ecomuseum of Salt and Sea

Cervia Ecomuseum originates from the beauty of natural and urban landscape, its cultural heritage, its values and memories.
An Ecomuseum aims to be a common good for its citizens and visitors, an opportunity to know its territory, an ever-changing space, a diffused museum, a conservation tool and a way to value its natural and human environment.
It is a bridge between the future and the past. Cervia Ecomuseum originates from the uniqueness of its territory, from the willingness to preserve and value, from the need to discover and be discovered.
It is love for its own heritage. Cervia Ecomuseum is rooted in the water and the sea, in the nature of its territory and the history of the city, in its ancient salterns and the over a thousand-year old salt production process.
It is the expression of the landscape’s soul. Cervia Ecomuseum aims to involve the community and its life, to create a common thread of a whole heritage, to be an identity opportunity for its citizens and an asset of development for its visitors.