April 1st Cake Fishing at Torre San Michele

Saturday 1 April, from 4 to 6 pm, the Ecomuseo del Sale e del Mare in Cervia will be at Torre San Michele to promote the exhibition "PescaMare - I tell you a story ... of my sea".

The exhibition is an experience of active citizenship in which the community is invited to bring an object linked to the city and through this a thought, a phrase, a memory that tells the link.

To create a wider involvement in this initiative, the CakeFishing event (literally "fishing with the cake") wants to "fish" the thoughts of the citizens, who, after filling out the special postcard with a story, will receive a sweet taste.

The tasting is completely free: just leave a short thought (max 5 lines) with which to describe an object - linked to the sea and fishing in Cervia - that you want to exhibit at the exhibition. It is possible to bring the objects to the IAT of Cervia, to the Torre San Michele, until Wednesday 19 April.

At 5.30 pm the most awaited moment of the event: the Ecomuseum will distribute a nice fish-shaped cake, made by the Cervia pastry shop "Valentina Irresistible Bakery"

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