Inauguration of PescaMare

On Thursday 25 May, on the occasion of the Marriage of the Sea, the exhibition PescaMare - I'll tell you something ... about my sea will be inaugurated.
After the parties and games, the theme of this edition is the sea and fishing. Identifying elements of Cervia, its economy and its tourism, the suggestions of sea life will create a fascinating setting in which to enclose the thoughts and objects of all those interested in collaborating.
The objective of the exhibition "PescaMare - I'll tell you something ... about my sea" is to encourage community participation, creating an experience of active citizenship, but also to recover memories and testimonies of the past. In fact, the Ecomuseum is committed to consolidating and protecting the cultural identity of the city, and it is for this reason that within the exhibition it will be possible to find life stories, memories and objects that follow one another in a path each time dedicated to a different theme. , to discover - and rediscover - the rich intangible heritage of Cervia.
It will be possible to visit the exhibition until Sunday 11 June.

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