Patrimonial Walk - the city of salt

Heritage walk in the historic center of Cervia Tuesday 8 August at 8.45 pm.

The Ecomuseum of Salt and Sea of Cervia and the Association of F.E.S.T.A.Facilitators organize a heritage walk for the enhancement of the local cultural heritage.
A path along which the participants, accompanied by the association's facilitators, will meet stories and people linked to the places and the material and immaterial culture of Cervia.
An opportunity to discover the historic center of Cervia, for a couple of hours you will walk inside the quadrilateral, the factory city, the sector of the salt warehouses. On the way you will meet workers, artists, shopkeepers linked to the life of the historic city center.
The appointment is for 8.45 pm in front of the San Michele Tower.

For info and reservations: IAT Cervia, tel. +39 0544 979206/974400
Email contact:;

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