SACCOlibero - Itinerant Environmental Art Laboratory

Are you a free SACK on May 26? Can you weave? Do you have a LOT of passion for art? Are you the protagonist in the creation of a work of art?
Then join us in the free and artistic workshop at the MUSA - Museo del Sale Torre.
The Salt and Sea Ecomuseum is pleased to present the next artistic installation created within LAAI, the Itinerant Environmental Art Laboratory conceived by Antonella De Nisco and Arch Giorgio Teggi, artists who for years have been implementing artistic practices in places, cities, natural and marginal spaces of gardens, schools and museums with installations that attempt a civic commitment, in reference to collective, emotional and subjective memory.
The proposed laboratory not only uses eco-sustainable material but aims to make the citizen called to collaborate with the artist as a co-creator through non-invasive metaphorical constructions.
SACCOlibero was conceived as a visible and usable metaphor of both the urban and natural landscape of Cervia and is inspired by the work of the wives of the salt workers, who used worn jute sacks to stuff the salt: the installation therefore also wants to be a monument dedicated to these women and their strength, bringing to light their very important role.
The realization of the artifact involves, after a brief introduction to the workshop, the interweaving / mending with the participants, on a semi-finished product prepared by the artist who will form the large sack.
This creative activity maintains the goal of experimenting with new forms of collective use of space as a poetic maintenance of places:
- building natural woven / intertwined architectures that can take on an affective, symbolic, evocative dimension;
- inhabiting places for a few hours as an act of listening, the ability to imagine objects, to reflect on the provisional nature and the temporary soul of things;
- preserve natural landscapes with semi-permanent or removable actions / objects;
- being close to, living together by experiencing the place through significant-narrative points, getting in touch, organizing a place;
- art as a meeting of sociability that can be re-proposed in other contexts or / and capable of creating a repercussion where a moment of sharing and comparison with respect to the personal experience of each participant was created.
The installation will be inaugurated on the same day of May 26 in the courtyard of the church of S. Antonio and will be visible and open to visitors throughout the 2018 summer season.
Participation in the workshop is reserved for only 10 people so if you are interested we ask you to book as soon as possible at the Ecomuseum contacts via email or telephone.
Tel: 0544/979206 or 0544/979218
We hope many of you will come!!

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