Participatory Proposal Document

Participatory Proposal Document

The development of the Ecomuseum of salt and the sea of Cervia through the shared design of the landscape map is the object of an articulated participatory path under development.

The participatory path is divided into:

  • coordination meetings of the control room;
  • design workshops of the negotiation table;
  • training meetings for ecomuseum facilitators and seminars open to the public;
  • cultural initiatives (participatory and / or interactive) to promote the development tools of the Ecomuseum.

As a result of the participatory process, the Participatory Proposal Document will be drawn up (pursuant to Regional Law 3/2010).

The DocPP is the product of the participatory process which the decision-making authorities undertake to take into account in their deliberations (art. 10, first part paragraph 4, LR 3/2010).

It is drawn up by the person in charge of the course composing all the minutes of the meetings, sent first to the guarantee technician for validation (art.16, 2nd paragraph), then to the body responsible for the administrative decision competent to decide on the subject of the participatory proposal. The body responsible for the decision must give an account with a deliberative act (Board or Council) of the acceptance in whole or in part of the proposal contained in the DocPP. If the resolution does not accept the proposals contained in the DocPP, the decision-making authorities must give explicit reasons (Article 10, second part paragraph 4).

The DocPP constitutes the basis of the resolution of the Entity responsible for the decision, in the DocPP all the elements that can help the decision-making authority to decide must be found: description of the object of the path, motivation of the needs to be met, very brief summary of the path, the critical issues and the proposals that have arisen.