Chickpeas, ice-creams and roasted chestnuts

Wednesday 11 August, a unique opportunity to discover the historic center of Cervia, its historic shops, traders and the activities still present.

Chickpeas, ice cream and roasted chestnuts


Cervia - Torre San Michele

The Heritage Walks organized by the Ecomuseum of Salt and the Sea of Cervia continue. Accompanied by the facilitators of the Ecomuseum and friends who are members of the FESTA Association, you will meet those who have lived and worked within the quadrilateral of the city. The walk will also allow the visit of significant private places, usually not open to the public, with the consent of the owners who often also act as witnesses. A journey to discover the historic businesses that existed within the city-factory, a moment to learn about ancient products, anecdotes and characters linked to the city's quadrilateral.

So all that remains is to meet at the appointment under the San Michele Tower at 8.45 pm and leave together for the walk.