Discover “Your Faro Way” - the new Faro Convention role-playing game

The Faro Convention role-playing game “Your Faro Way” was developed as one of the outcomes in the framework of the Council of Europe-European Union Joint project “The Faro Way: enhanced participation in cultural heritage”. It seeks to promote the Faro Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society in innovative ways and actively engages different stakeholders in its implementation.

With the aim of fostering a more active role of civil society in cultural heritage management and increased support by local, regional and national authorities in the implementation of the Faro Convention, the role-playing game offers its users an opportunity to take on the roles of different heritage stakeholders and develop heritage projects featured in the game, thus acquiring hands-on knowledge of how to implement such projects in practice.

The main objectives of “Your Faro Way” are to facilitate the exchange of views and create a better understanding of the Faro Convention principles, showcase concrete examples of the achievements inspired by the Convention, emphasize the need for co-operation between the different cultural heritage stakeholders to protect and value the common heritage, as well as create a space for stakeholders to discover the Convention in their own particular way.

The main groups that the role-playing game is targeting are national authorities of signatory and non-signatory states of the Faro Convention, heritage communities/civil society, local and regional authorities, professional associations and heritage experts, society as a whole and any individual who wishes to learn about the Faro Convention.

This innovative instrument could become a platform with long-term impact and the potential to be developed with new features over time.

“Your Faro Way” game is now available at the following link: We do hope you will enjoy discovering it.