Women at work

Christmas with the Ecomuseum of Salt and the Sea. Sweaters and wool socks that the most skilled hands prepared for the entire community, embroideries for the kits of young brides, work and spinning equipment, are just some of the objects on display. But what the exhibition aims to make known is the great dignity of the workers, who with their artifacts have been able to pass on traditions and knowledge, often only orally, from woman to woman. They are certainly humble works, but entirely to be rediscovered because they are considered a first step towards female emancipation. In fact, just like a plot thread, the artifacts are intertwined with the stories of mothers and wives who, in the shadow of their husband's work, raised children, ran the house and supported their partner at work. The exhibition will remain open from 4 December to 8 January in the Rubicone hall in Cervia and during this festive period there will be the opportunity to participate in a trebbo with tales, stories and interviews, to talk about small and great women and, of course , also work with the little ones.