Who is a facilitator

The Ecomuseum Facilitator is essentially a motivator, a conductor, a keeper, a narrator: he cultivates relationships, transports knowledge, transfers emotions, brings out values, makes meanings visible, generates awareness, accompanies the curious experience of a territory and a community . He is the holder of his own training, experiential and creative gift that he makes available through stories, paths, workshops, events to enhance and promote widespread heritages and common goods.
The Ecomuseum facilitator works continuously in a specific territory characterized by its own heritage and its own identity, together with a population of which he himself is a part that forms one or more communities, in a wide-ranging project that develops over time.
The Ecomuseum facilitator expresses his role in direct contact with the community-territory and within groups that operate "in network":

• heterogeneous working groups (motivation, interest, experience)
• attention groups by theme (e.g. people who relate to the sea for work, such as lifeguards, fishermen, restaurateurs; e.g. people who relate to the hinterland, such as farmers, horticulturists,) and by target (e.g. children / schools, tourists)
• comparison groups (with other ecomuseums, with institutions).